Registration sustainable energies as a Catalyst for Regional Development

General Information

Target Audience for the Conference
Technological and academic experts involved in the field of sustainable energy as it pertains to regional development and with ties to regional energy agencies. Experts in the fields of natural resources management, environmental economics and ecology, renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, "green" building and architecture, business people, entrepreneurs, private investors and organizations in the energy sector, local, regional and international decision makers and researchers involved in regional cooperation are also eligible to attend.

Proposed Sessions and Topics for the Conference

  • Innovative energy technologies and their adaptation and/or applicability to peripheral regions
  • Architectural design for energy conservation in arid regions
  • Regional and international policy making to encourage and support the development of peripheral regions through the promotion of sustainable energy
  • Business and investment opportunities for the development of alternative and renewable energy sources
  • Development of local industry in research and development in sustainable energy for arid regions
  • Opportunities for regional cooperation through the development of sustainable energy for arid regions
  • Infrastructure development for sustainable energy for arid regions
  • Local stakeholder participation in the development of sustainable energy for arid regions
  • Grass roots technologies for sustainable energy suitable to local conditions and small-scale applications

    Eilat/Eilot Regional Authorities
    The third day of the conference will be devoted to the advances of sustainable energy for the benefit of the development of the Eilat/Eilot regional authorities. This will include the investment in local projects under consideration by the local authorities and regional projects of local significance such as the proposed Red-Dead Conduit. The day will include a fascinating tour of the region including discussions with local decision-makers and communities and opportunities for business development and research.

    Conference Format
    Speakers will have approximately 20 minutes in which to deliver their papers or case studies. Addresses will be followed by a short discussion period opened by reply led by the steering committee.

    Important Dates
    March 1st, 2007: Submission of abstracts
    March 15 st, 2007: Notification on acceptance of abstracts

    Conference Steering Committee
    Prof. Issac Meir - Head, Department of Man and the Desert,
    Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Sde Boker Campus, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
    Jacob Blaustein - Institute for Desert Research, Sde Boker Campus, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
    Dr. Avraham Arbib - Deputy Head Scientist and Head Department of Research and Development, Ministry of National Infrastructure
    Mr. Avraham Yisraeli - Head, Environmental Technology Department, Israel Export Institute

    The conference will be held in Hilton Queen of Sheba

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